Product Description

View Spec Sheet Here: 48100 LFP BATTERY



SmartPower 48100, a powerful 48V LiFePO4 battery product, has
been designed to provide power backup for remote or outside
telecom plants like Access Terminals, Base Transceiver Stations,
Base Station Controllers. They are also suitable to provide bulk
power in Central Offices.

 Increased energy in given space
 Easy installation and upscaling
 High operational reliability
 Optimized supervision strategy through remote control/diagnostic
 Very long life time
 Preventive but not premature replacement at end of life

Nominal Characteristics:
Nominal Voltage 48V
Typical Capacity 100Ah(25°C )
Typical Energy 4800 Wh
Volumetric Energy Density 122.3 Wh/dm3
Gravimetric Energy Density 102.1 Wh/kg


Width 442mm(19’’)
Height 222mm(5U)
Depth 400mm
Typical Weight 47Kg

Electrical Characteristics:
Voltage Window 40.5~54.0V
Charge Voltage Range 53.25~54.0V
Max. Permanent Discharge Current 100A
Max.Permanent Charge Current 100A
Faradic Charge Efficiency 99% (+20°C)
Energy Charge Efficiency 94% (+20°C)
Communication Interface (optional feature) Modbus/SNMP
Additional Features (optional feature) Display
Operation Environment
Charge Temperature 0°C to +55°C
Discharge Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature –20°C to +60°C
Protection Class IP20
Model:SmartPower 48100