Product Description

Our off- and on-grid lithium-ion energy storage power series:

  • Small internal resistance and specific high-power advantages for solar battery generator.
  • Flexible packaging: secure and laminated
  • Lithium iron battery safety: explosion-proof, no leakage, high temperature resistance
  • Long service time, Lithium battery pack sampling system, solar battery generator. Equipped with active balance BMS, to achieve maximize the cycle life of the battery and maximize discharge capacity and life cycle life of more than 2000 uses.
  • Optimal for use as an outdoor portable power supply; portable use for small appliances; emergency lighting / LED lighting; earthquake relief; Xenon lights/ lighting; inverters; handheld devices; communications equipment; wireless monitoring equipment; medical equipment; power supply; instrumentation; traffic signs; CPU-board backup power supply and industrial equipment.
 All-in-one ESS (Energy Storage System)
Model No. PS6530B
Battery Capacity 6.5KWh
Battery Type Samsung Li-ion Battery
Rated Output Power 3000W
Peak Output 4000W
Output Voltage 220/230/240V
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Overload Ability 120%<load<130% @10min;
130%<load<150% @10s
UPS Function YES
On/off Grid On & Off Grid
Max Efficiency 92%(>70% Load)
AC Charge
Input Voltage 88~264Vac
Power Factor ≥0.95(full load)
Input Frequency 50/60Hz±5Hz
Max Charge Power 2400W
Max Efficiency >96%
PV Charge
Max Input Power 2400W
Start-up Voltage 75Vdc
MPPT Amount 2
MPPT Input Voltage 75~140 Vdc
Max Input Voltage 150 Vdc
MPPT Efficiency 99.5%
Max Efficiency >96%
Solar Charing Model MPPT
Working Condition Relative humidity: 5%~90%
Temperature: 0~45℃
Product Dimension 779×347×912mm
Packing Dimension 805×525×1080mm
Net Weight 135Kg
Gross Weight 160Kg